Black Magic Racing welcomes Smokin' Tony’s Barbeque

Black Magic Racing is proud to announce the addition of Smokin' Tony’s Barbeque (Guelph Location) to the team in 2015. The barbeque eatery will be sponsoring both the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series and Mini Stock effort for BMR.
After finishing 10th in points last year, Black Magic is returning to the LOSC, looking to have an even better season. Part of the plans for a better season include minimizing the mechanical issues over the year.
“We have to get to the finish. That’s the big problem that we had,” Tolton commented. “We had horrible luck – we’ve run at least three seasons straight with at least one thing broken on the car each race, and we need that to end. We’ve run well enough – we just need to close it.”
With that said, Tolton says that the goal for this season is to finish each of the seven scheduled races.
“We haven’t been doing well that way the last few years,” he said. “That’s our main goal. We’re not going to set our goals too high – we just want solid improvement.”
Smokin' Tony’s Barbeque is located at 204 Silvercreek Parkway North in Guelph, and offers a wide range of barbeque items on their menu for customers to either eat there, or get via take-out. The menu includes a range of pork, chicken and rib dishes, among other items.
Smokin' Tony’s Barbeque joins New Generation Wood Products on board the No. 3 LOSC entry. The custom cabinet company in Guelph, Ontario has supported BMR over the past several years.

By: Ashley McCubbin

2015 Schedule is Posted

The 2015 schedule for Black Magic Racing is posted so be sure to check it out so you can come out and watch the team this season.

Tim Tolton To Run Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series in 2015

Looking improve on last season, Black Magic Racing are set to return to the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series in 2015 for the full schedule. BMG driver Tim Tolton will be back behind the wheel of the No. 3 New Generation Wood Products LOSC ride all year long.
New Generation Wood Products has supported BMR over the past couple of years, and recently confirmed their return for this year. Located in Guelph, Ontario, they are known for their custom cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere else you may need a cabin.
Last year didn’t go as Tolton hoped as DNFs would take him out of contention over the year, resulting in a 10th place finish in points.
“We have to get o the finish. That’s the big problem that we had,” Tolton commented. “We had horrible luck – we’ve run at least three seasons straight with at least one thing broken on the car each race, and we need that to end. We’ve run well enough – we just need to close it.”
With that said, Tolton says that the goal for this season is to finish each of the seven scheduled races.
“We haven’t been doing well that way the last few years,” he said. “That’s our main goal. We’re not going to set our goals too high – we just want solid improvement.”
The seven-race schedule will see Black Magic Racing visit five different tracks across the summer. Four of them are tracks that Tolton has called his home track in the past. However, it’s Full Throttle Motor Speedway that has him most excited.
“Full Throttle is where I’ve spent most of my racing days, so that’s the biggest one,” he commented. “We’re looking forward to having the season opener, as well as the championship night at what is now my hometrack.”
In addition to running the LOSC schedule, Tim will split driving duties behind the wheel a mini stock with his son Bobby Tolton. The pair will chase after a championship at Full Throttle Motor Speedway, whole running select invitationals across the province. The team’s full schedule for 2015 is available for viewing on the Black Magic Racing website.
Keep up with Black Magic Racing all season long by following along at their website -
Press Release and Photos by: Ashley McCubbin

Bobby Tolton Featured on Race Time Radio

Following his victory in the Sprint into Spring 200, Bobby Tolton was featured on Race Time Radio. Click the photo below to see the full interview.

Sprint into Spring 200 Highlight Video

Full Throttle Motor Speedway staff put together a highlight video for the Sprint into Spring 200. Relieve Bobby Tolton’s big win by checking out the video in the video section of the website.

Bobby Tolton and Black Magic Racing Come Away Victorious at Sprint into Spring 200

DURHAM, Ontario --- After getting stuck in the snow bank during the first 90 laps, Bobby Tolton would come back to score the victory in the Sprint to Spring 200. The victory for Tolton sent him home with a turnkey 360 Winged Sprint car valued at $35,000.00.
“It was great,” he commented. “Like I said, I’m very glad those guys were out there with a clean head. They ran a clean race. I didn’t want it to be a wrecking race – that’s not what this is for; that’s not what we do around here. Thank you to all those guys out there that ran a real race. It’s left me speechless.”
Tolton would also add, “I can’t say enough about everybody who helped me paint it, and everybody who helps me with the other cars. Knightworks Design, Highland Pines Campground, AMSOIL, Engines from Hal. For this and every other event, they’re always behind me.”
The premises for the event was simple – run what you brung, but leave your car there. The idea is meant to see what people would enter without spending an arm and a leg, bringing back a grassroots feel to racing. In preparing for the event, Tolton said that he didn’t do much to the car, other than change a brake rotor and paint it about 10 times.
“I figured it’s got 470,000 kilometers on it, it’s made it this long – that’s going to finish the race,” he added. So I painted it and brought it here.”
The first 90 laps didn’t go as Tolton would’ve hoped as halfway through, he would get stuck in the snow on the inside of turn one. However, in the second 90 laps, Tolton would play it smart, staying out of trouble and completing all the laps first to score the victory.
“I went into the first one with the complete wrong attitude,” Tolton shared. “I drove the wheels off of it and didn’t get anyway. Came back in the second one and let it roll, let people pass me – it was all I could do to not race him. We were there at the end.”
In the 20 lap shootout at the end, Tolton would carve his way through the field after starting 14th, making his way into the second spot. He would then track Derek Musker down, taking the lead with three laps to go after Musker drifted up the track in turns one and two. Tolton would then lead the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory ahead of Musker, Andre Pepin and Kent Nuhn.
“The start there was kind of frustrating,” Tolton said. “Brandon Crumbie was having a hard time with his transmission – didn’t get going on the start. Everybody else was gone so we didn’t get a good start. I cleared the field, picking them off one by one. Eventually, I saw the 51 coming off corner two and he just wasn’t getting the traction. I just wheeled him little by little, eventually got by him – slid into him a little bit as I went by. There’s a lot of snow down at the bottom there. He congratulated me – he’s good with it so…I can’t believe it.”
With a victory under his belt already to start off the year, Tolton now turns his focus to the rest of the season.
“I’m backing down my driving duties,” he shared. “We’re going to be traveling with my dad with the No. 3 Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series car – New Generations carrying us along. We’re going to work as a team, go for some wins. I’m going to hopefully bring the modified out once, and we’re going to split duties behind the wheel of the mini stock full-time at Full Throttle Motor Speedway. Other than that, you may have to catch me at the neighbour’s horse track with the sprint car.”
He added though that there’s “not a chance” you’ll see him running with the World of Outlaw drivers in a Sprint at Ohsweken Speedway as “those guys have more balls than brains, I think. I don’t have any balls.”
Meanwhile, Tim Tolton would unfortunately fail to qualify for the 20 lap shootout at the end after having to make a couple of trips off the track to the pits during the first two segments for the crew to address the car.
Todd Tolton also wouldn’t have that much luck, as he stalled on the backstretch during the first 90 laps, and would fail to make the rest of the event.
Photos from the race are available on the Black Magic Racing website in the image section of the website.
Press Release and Photos by: Ashley McCubbin

Black Magic Racing Prepares for Sprint into Spring 200

Be sure to head to Full Throttle Motor Speedway this weekend and watch the Sprint into Spring 200. Black Magic Racing is set to enter three drivers - Bobby Tolton, Tim Tolton and Todd Tolton. The rules for the event are simple - it's run what you brung, but you must leave your car at the speedway once the race is complete. Below is a picture of the prize that winner will recieve

Tim Tolton finishes sixth at Capital City

OTTAWA - This week we travelled to Capital City Speedway in Ottawa Ontario. This Trip would not have been possible without the dedication of our crew and our Sponsors Thank you to Sam and Nanci of NEW GENERATION WOOD PRODUCTS INC , for their faith in us, Amsoil, Vinnies Mr.fix it, Twin City Auto parts, Franks Pioneer Transmission, Engines From Hal.
We left for Capital City after Tim raced Full Throttle Motor Speedway we drove through the night and arrived in Ottawa around 6:30 am. When we got in the pits and unloaded the car they started right away with all the checks and set up of the car.
The first practice would result in Tim feeling something wrong with the rear-end of the car he cam into the pits and the crew began to try and diagnose the problem. The gears had to come out and thank to another team who loaned us their spare gears we were able to put them in and race. Tim was about the 6th car to go out and do his qualifying lap, he did a 19.25 unfortunately this would only be good enough for a 12 starting spot. Considering the lack of sleep and the ill handling car we were happy with the result.
The cars lined up in the front stretch for the start of what was going to be a fast pace race. The green flag was out and we were off , in the first lap Tim would jump up into the 8th spot but he was not happy with the car the chatter between him and his crew would bring him in to the pits on the first caution flag for a minor adjustment to the track bar, when Tim went back out the car was a bit better, but the car was still not one hundred percent. The green flew this time Tim would find himself in the last spot on the track so he knew he had his work cut out for him this adjustment did not help in any way. Having a faster car then the ones in front of him he had to pass and conserve the tires and breaks on the car.
He pulled to the highline of the track and took a chance as he was passing one of the cars he was squeezed high and just about hit the tires at pit lane head on and had to avoid a spinning car. This would allow them to bring the New Generation Monte Carlo back into the pits for yet another small adjustment to the track bar but with the breaks fading Tim was not able to give the car all it had going into the corner he went in a little to hard and he ended up spinning out this would put Tim back in the last spot so they figured a good time for another adjustment with the laps winding down and not much the crew could do with such short time to adjust it was up to Tim To do what he does best With 20 laps to go Tim was told now is go time so with what he had Tim would bring the Team a 6th place finish.
By: Donna Tolton

Tim Tolton finishes sixth and third in Mini Stock features at Full Throttle Motor Speedway

By: Ashley McCubbin - On Friday night, Tim Tolton would take his first ‘Mini Stock’ laps of the 2014 season behind the wheel of his No. 35 Nissan at Full Throttle Motor Speedway. The night turned out successful, as Tolton finished sixth and third in the pair of features.
Tolton kicked off the night by starting 11th in the first 20-lap feature, and steadily made his way through the field, running seventh by the halfway. In the second half of the feature, Tolton would pass Tessa Cremasco for sixth and held down the spot the rest of the way for a solid finish.
Tolton would start pole for the second feature, though quickly fell back to second on the start as he was passed by Kevin Bridge. Tolton then held down the second spot all the way till lap four when he was passed by eventual feature winner Cory Young. From then on, Tolton battled and raced hard, holding down the third spot all the way to the checkered.
Special thanks to the sponsors for their support: New Generations Wood, Twin City Automotive, Engines from Hal, Black Magic Signs and Graphics, and Franks Pioneer Transmission in Guelph.
Be sure to check out the "Runalung Campaign" at as Black Magic Racing is a proud support of the organization for the second straight season. Photos from the night can be seen on the Black Magic Racing website at
Be sure to check out Tim’s wife Donna’s photos from the night on the “Magic Moments Photos” facebook page at

What's to come in 2014 for Black Magic Racing?

Well with the racing season coming Tim and I would like to take this time to give you all an update on what we have been working on over the winter. We are pleased to welcome all the team members back for another year:
Ken Brown (car chief),
Steve Greguol (spotter and crew)
Harold Norry (engine builder and crew)
Bobby Tolton (crew, spotter, and back up driver)
Cec Tolton (crew)
Julie Brown (crew and public relations)
Caitie Fitzpatrick (crew and team artist)
Ashley Mcubbin (web designer and public relations)
Scott Marvin (crew)
Ryan Marvin (crew)

We'd also like to welcome Tim Glassford this year as our crew chief. He has been helping us for the past couple of years from afar, this year however we are pleased to have him on the team full time! Welcome aboard Tim, we look forward to learning a lot with you.

Another exciting addition to the team for this season is Billy Zardo, who will be driving the Outlaw modified for Tim when we have overlapping schedules between the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup class and the Outlaw Modified Series.

Along with the crew, we are welcoming back for another season and are very pleased to announce New Generations Wood products has returned as our primary sponsor. Thank you Sam and Nansi we look forward to another season with you by our side. Also returning for this season is Twin City Automotive, Engines from Hal, Varney Speedway Motorplex as well as Black Magic signs and graphics, and Franks Pioneer Transmission in Guelph We are always welcoming new partners so please contact us for more information if interested.

Every year Tim picks a charity that we do fundraising for. Last year we chose to help Kayla Baker who was a 15 year old girl in need of a double lung transplant. During her wait for these lungs she touched many people’s lives and brought awareness to the importance of organ donations and how they can save the life of someone you love. Unfortunately Kayla lost the battle and passed away on January first of this year. Tim still felt a connection to this very worthy cause and has chose to support the "Runalung Campaign" that Kayla started while she was in sick kid’s hospital. Hopefully we can have another successful go at raising money for a worthwhile cause.

Tim has also decided that with some nights between the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup car and the Outlaw Modified he would bring the mini stock out and run a few races with it as well he will be running a few endurance races. Tim's main focus this year will be the New generation Monte Carlo and the Outlaw Modified owned by Brian Dean. We will be traveling to several different tracks with all four cars including; Sauble Speedway, Sunset International Speedway, Delaware Speedway, Flamboro Speedway, Peterborough Speedway, Kawartha Speedway and recently added to the roster this season is Capital City Speedway in Ottawa.

We are looking forward to a very exciting season with a great crew and great partners. From all of us here at Black Magic Racing we'd like to thank you for being fans of the sport, and we look forward to seeing you at the track!

2014 Tentative Schedule

The 2014 Tentative Schedule is posted for your viewing pleasure. Everything will depend on sponsorship and weather, of course

The New Generations Wood Products Car dodges way to top five finish

Tim and his crew battled through an abundance of problems at Flamboro Speedway on August 24th, to finish with a seasons best top five finish.
The day started out with another string of bad luck, as Tim cut down a right front tire in practice and started to gouge the replacement as well in the second session. The team determined a long sway bar bolt was the culprit and quickly began to get to work finding a replacement. The generosity of Doug Cathcart driver and owner of the 48 car was able to provide one, and once the problem was resolved the team guessed on the cars setup as the handling issue wasn’t able to be addressed due to the tire problems. Qualifying near the back of the pack, the team made another few adjustments and was ready to rumble. The green flag dropped and before one lap would be completed, the caution came out as cars began to spin all around Tim. The first restart would not be as lucky, once again before a lap was completed a wreck on the back stretch would collect the front right side of New Generation Monte Carlo.
Tim wheeled the car to the pits and the crew quickly got to work pulling fiberglass out of the rim, and re-adjusting the sway bar once again. Fortunately due to a lengthy track clean up Tim and his team would keep the car on the lead lap. The race would get going again and Tim starting working his way to the sixth position, just after being lapped by an extremely dominant 60 car of Jake Ott on pace to lap the entire field in just 30 laps, the caution flag waved as a car spun. Tim received the lucky dog free pass and was back on the lead lap. On the ensuing restart Tim got to work and managed his way to the fourth position just before another caution. Dropping a spot on the final restart Tim settled in for a fifth place finish as his brakes were too hot to challenge for the position, tech lane also presented another problem for the New Generation crew, as the rear differential seized while waiting to be inspected.
After a long day of overcoming several obstacles the team was excited to have a top five finish, and hopes to repeat the on track success at Flamboro once again in a couple of weeks on Saturday October 5th. The team would also like to once again thank Doug Cathcart for his generosity, without it their day would have been done.

Tim Tolton wins Outlaw Modified Feature

Well Tim has worked really hard to get the Outlaw modified ready and all the bugs worked out he brought the phoenix out with hopes that with the adjustments he made the car would get a bit better. Tim was lined up in 5 position and was ready to go he was able to get passed the 4 car and fall into the third spot. The two lead cars had a bit more power then Tim and he finished in the third spot. With the way this car had been running Tim was very happy with that but he knew the car had more .
Again he got thinking and made a few changes. When he lined up for the second heat again he was in the 5 place spot he got going and again he passed the 4 place car and again he settled in the 3rd place position and this time was stayed right with them.
The feature was lined up Tim Found himself in the last starting spot so he had his work cut out for him . After they warmed up the tires and they were doubled back up the green waved and they were set loose Tim raced his way past the back cars and found him self racing for the second spot . Tim took the spot and had his eyes on the leader but because Tim had to come from the back the leader was able to get a substantial lead unfortunately Tim was unable to catch him and brought home a 2 place finish And was happy with that.
This was a double weekend so had another chance to make some changes to the Phoenix and he was ready to go. Today Tim would find himself at the front of the first heat . With the tires warmed up and the field ready to go Tim set his sights for the win. With in a few laps Tim would have the lead and stay there. This would be his first win and it felt good .
Tim was told that they were going to switch heats that he was in and try to put all the cars that have won together so he again had his work cut out for him he started at the back of the winning cars he worked his way up to the front had a good race with the leader car but managed to take the lead and hold on to it. This was a boost that Tim and the team needed 2 wins in one night what could be better.
The Feature was lined up and Tim was started in the last starting position so the only place to go was forward. When the green flag waved they were racing hard when one of the front cars had a mechanical failure and drove up the track and into the turn 2 bank he hit real hard we are glad the driver is okay and will be back to race this week
The field was relined up and with in a few laps Tim found himself racing for the lead once he got in front there was no looking back. Tim won his first feature of the year way to go Tim and crew for a job well done.

Feature Video from Sportsman Series Race at Peterborough

If you have some time, make sure to check out this video of the Lucas Oil Sportsman Series race at Peterborough Speedway

Tim Tolton Suffers Mechanical Problems at Sunset Speedway

In making his second Outlaw Modified career start, Tim Tolton would suffer mechanical problems during the event at Sunset Speedway.
In the first heat, he would start fifth and look to be on his way to having a strong run, before a broken distributor gear would send him down pit road with a couple laps left. As a result of making the repair, Tolton would miss the second heat.
He would make it out for the feature, starting at the rear, and looked to be making some ground till the thermostat housing broke and took him out of the race.
Big thanks to the team for their efforts throughout the day in making the repairs necessary and having the car ready.
Thanks to Black Magic Signs and Vinyl Graphics, Bolt-on Performance, Engines from Hal, Frank’s Pioneer Transmission, Twin City Auto Parts, Vinnie’s Mr. Fix It and Time Stands Still Photography for their continued support.
Photos and more information on Black Magic Racing are available at

Quick hands and Patience results in Top 10 finish – 7/16/13

After disappointing results with engine trouble at Delaware and at Varney after leading many laps, Tim and his crew traveled to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park for its final Lucas Oil Sportsman race. The track, that’s set to close in just two weeks following the race, was a favorite of Tim’s from last season as he walked away with a top five finish.
The crew quickly got behind the track conditions, as the cars handling in practice was not to be desired. The team decided on last minute a rear spring change and few bar adjustment s before time trails and got to work. Time trials would present a new problem as the new engine would not put out the horsepower needed, resulting in a qualifying time good enough for a fifteenth starting spot. The crew tried to diagnose the problem in the garage area before the race, but didn’t have enough time to determine the cause.
As the green flag dropped Tim and his team hoped for the best and went to work immediately, after a few laps a car spun bringing out the caution and Tim relayed the cars condition and the crew began to work on a solution. The green flag dropped and a few laps later the caution came out again, Tim brought the car down pit road and the crew went under the hood to try a quick fix. The engine improved a little and the green dropped once again. The night would prove to be a trying one for Tim and his spotter as other cars continued to spin all around him for the remainder of the night. Tim actually had to spin himself when driving out of turn four late in the race to avoid running into a few stopped cars on the track in front of him.
Restarting in tenth with just four laps to go, Tim had to drive hard to fight off two hard charging cars behind him to come away with a top ten finish. A result the team can be proud of after overcoming the adversity of handling, engine and even brake troubles. The team will be working to find the culprit of the engines trouble and be ready to rock in Peterborough on August 10th.

Disastrous Night at Delaware

Tim and his crew headed down to Delaware Speedway this weekend with the #3 New Generation Wood Products Monte Carlo hoping to compete for the win. With only a brief time allotted for practice, the crew got to work quickly, getting the car unloaded, through tech lane and out to pit road for the first practice session.
The first session was cut short due to several cars spinning and Tim returned to the pits mentioning a misfire in the engine, some of the team hustled to look under the hood while others quickly got to work changing tires on the New Generation Monte Carlo. The team put the hood down in hopes the misfire would go away during Tim’s second practice run, but no such luck. A quick spark plug change was done but after the last practice session the misfire was still existent.
As the engine builder removed the valve cover the team discovered the culprit, a bent pushrod, shattered keeper, and blown apart seal told the tale of an engine failure. The team’s night was done! Only time would tell how catastrophic the damage would be.
Fortunately enough the engine can be salvaged as a bent valve held together and prevented further damage. Engines from Hal ensure the team that they will be racing at their next stop June 30th at Varney Speedway Motorplex. This is great news for Tim, the crew, and the many awesome sponsors of the New Generation Wood Products #3 as they really seemed to come together and gel during a pressed prepare-time prior to the race at Delaware.

A Wild Night at the Beach

The New Generation Wood Products #3 Monte Carlo was back in action this weekend for this season’s second race. Using all of the practice time he could, Tim Tolton got himself comfortable with the track and set up for a long and wild night ahead.
Tim, qualifying ninth after a last minute brake pad change prior to his run, felt ready to rumble as the green flag dropped to start the event. Turn one on the opening lap become a little frantic as the lead pack of cars fought for positions right away. Tim escaped turn two unscathed and began his push to the front immediately. After a several hard battled laps between cars all over the grid, the first caution of what would be many more came out, as the 48 of Doug Cathcart was squeezed to the bottom of the track and went spinning just in front of Tim.
The green dropped and we were racing again, but two laps later another caution came out as another car lost control and went around. This quickly became the common trend for the remainder of the night. The fourth caution was a result of the 45 car, driven by rookie John Schwemler, running into Tim’s door panel on the front stretch just in front of the starter stand.
Tim’s car, unaffected by the damage, continued to march toward the front after the green flag dropped again. After a sixteen-lap green flag run, Tim had worked his way to the fifth position and was just beginning to put pressure on the fourth place car as the caution flag fell once again. On the ensuing restart on Lap 52, Tim was spun around by the 45 car, which apologized over the radio, as he was being pushed from behind as well. This caution also collected the 48 of Cathcart and the 60 of Jake Ott.
The following restart was another exciting one as the 45 of Schwemler drove hard, going three wide into turn one and bounced of Tim rear quarter panel and spun around bringing out yet another caution flag. After another brief period of green flag racing Tim had worked his way back to eighth spot as a caution dropped again with just four laps remaining.
As the green flag dropped for the final four laps, Tim quickly moved to the outside and drove hard to earn himself the sixth spot and managed to defend his position from the challenging seventh place car of rookie Kevin Allen.
Settling for a sixth place finish in a caution filled race was a result that Tim and his team were pleased with after being spun themselves earlier on in the event. The track seemed to be a difficult track to make a pass, as the top four cars held their ground for the entire event.
The 2013 season has been an aggressive one so far. With a lot of damaged race cars after just two races, the teams have put in a lot of extra hours in the race shops preparing for the next race. Hopefully the bumping and banging will subdue for a while and the field can get a few long runs in at our next race at Delaware Speedway on Friday, June 21st.

The 2013 season is upon us!

The #3 New Generation Wood Products Monte Carlo was ready to go for the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series season opener at Varney Speedway Motorplex this past Saturday May 18th. Needing just a few minor adjustments following practice, Tim and the crew felt ready and excited to get going. Tim who was set to head out third for his qualifying run, had to wait it out due to a light rainfall. Once the rain had subsided the track officials, knowing Varney was his home track, asked Tim to turn a few hot laps to test the track condition before proceeding with the race program. Once Tim gave his approval, he was asked to take his qualifying run in the last spot, as this gave his tires a chance to cool down and level the playing field for the other drivers taking their runs on cold tires. After his long awaited attempt Tim turned a 13.651 second lap which was good enough for a 2nd place time.
The top five qualifiers, deemed the Fast Five, then line up on the front stretch of the track and pull numbers from a hat to determine their true starting position. Tim also managed to pull the 2nd starting position, meaning starting on the front row at his home track. Tim was excited about this result as well and eager to get racing.
The green flagged dropped, engines roared, and the crowd erupted as Tim and the pole sitter traded paint down the front stretch before even reaching the start/finish line.
Tim, not wanting to damage the car with contact coming from the pole sitter he made a few more attemts at getting by then settled into second position. While reeling in the leader after few laps, a lapped car spun to bring on the races first caution flag.
On the first restart, the pole sitter once again came up the track and slammed Tim into the wall, cutting a tire and tearing the nose off the New Generation Monte Carlo. Tim tried to race around the track to get to the pits to quickly fix his car and get racing again. His efforts where cut short, as the pole sitter tried to block him again on the front stretch leaving Tim no room to get by and unable to avoid more contact due to a flat tire and lack of steering.
Officials then deemed Tim’s contact as retaliation for the initial hit and did not allow him to return to the racetrack once repairs where completed by the pit crew.
An very unfortunate beginning to the much anticipated season, however, the team behind the New Generation Monte Carlo will not be discouraged so easily, and will be working extra hard to bring a fast car to our next race at Sauble Speedway on June 8th.
Photos from the opening night, as well as Across From Roger's Performance can be viewed in the photo section of the Black Magic Racing website -

Off-Season Photos Updated!

More photos off the off-season work for Black Magic Racing's crew have been posted so be sure to check them out. Thanks to Tim Tolton for the images!

The New Season Looms Near for Black Magic Racing

Well it has been a long busy winter in the Black Magic shop and we have lots to report.
First I would like to welcome back all of the crew for another year of excitement and new beginings.
We have been hard at work with getting the Lucas Oil sportsman car freshened up and ready to go. This year we are pleased to announce not only do we have a new crew mate in Tim Glassford joining our team, but we have great sponsors to help get us to the track. Welcome aboard NEW GENERATION WOOD PRODUCTS here in Guelph, who will be the primary sponsor to the monte carlo . The team is sending a huge thank you to Sam and Nanci who own New Generation Wood Products and are very excited in the new venture. We also thank Amsoil , Vinnies Mr. Fix it , Across From Roger, Pioneer Transmission, Engines From Hal, and Bolton Performance for their support. A huge thank you goes out to Ashley McCubbin and her great reporting of the news for us and all race teams.
We are looking froward to hitting the track with a purpose this year and that is to have the best season yet. With all the support of our sponsors and crew and expecially our fans, we see nothing but good in the new beginings we are all about to encounter. Our first race will be our home track of Varney Motorplex Speedway on May 18 2013.
We are also very excited about the new car owned by Brian Dean that Tim will be piloting - No. 3 Outlaw modified, which is slated to hit the track on May 25 also at our home track of Varney. This car Tim has stripped down to the chassis and rebuilt. We are so amped about both the cars so come out and see some spectacuar racing.
To keep up to date with Black Magic Racing all year, check out

Black Magic Racing welcomes Vinnie's Mr. Fix It

Black Magic Racing would like to welcome a new sponsor to the team. Please join us in welcoming Vinnie's Mr. Fix It as a sponsor for the 2013 season. They will be supporting Black Magic Racing's efforts in 2013.
Black Magic Racing previously announced this year that Tim Tolton will be driving the No. 3 Outlaw Modified owned by Brian Dean and the No. 3 Monte Carlo owned by Scott Marvin in the Ontario Sportsman Series. With your help, we can make this season an even bigger success, while exposing your company through both cars.
For more information on marketing opportunities, please contact Tim Tolton at
For the latest on Black Magic Racing, check out

Black Magic Racing Thanks Sponsors; Continues Search for More

As we come upon the new season, Black Magic Racing would like to thank their sponsors for their continuous support. Thanks to Black Magic Signs and Vinyl Graphics, Bolt-on Performance, Engines from Hal, Frank’s Pioneer Transmission, Twin City Auto Parts and Time Stands Still Photography.
However, as with any form of racing, it is not cheap and we are continuously looking for new partners for the season ahead.
Black Magic Racing previously announced this year that Tim Tolton will be driving the No. 3 Outlaw Modified owned by Brian Dean and the No. 3 Monte Carlo owned by Scott Marvin in the Ontario Sportsman Series. With your help, we can make this season an even bigger success, while exposing your company through both cars.
For more information on marketing opportunities, please contact Tim Tolton at
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Black Magic Racing announces 2013 Plans

With a successful rookie season behind us, Tim Tolton and the Black Magic crew have a lot going on in the shop for the upcoming season.
We are pleased to announce that Tim will be piloting the No. 3 Outlaw Modified for car owner Brian Dean. The car will be powered by an engine supplied by Black Magic Racing, and of course built by Engines from Hal. The Outlaw Modifieds will be running mainly at Varney Speedway Motorplex, but will be travelling to a few other tracks in Ontario and the states. This is all new to Tim and the Black Magic crew so we are all rather excited to see how it goes.
After overcoming mechanical issues in every race in the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup series, Tim managed to finish the season with two top five finishes, four top tens, and only two DNFs (did not finish).Tim will again be sitting proudly in the seat of the No. 3 Monte Carlo owned by Scott Marvin.
We are pleased to announce that we have been joined by a couple of new team members. Tim Glassford will be joining our pit crew as the Crew Chief. Tim has already been consulting with us and come race day, he will be leading the crew. Doug Townsend is new to the team and is working with Donna in the marketing department of the team. Welcome aboard guys we are looking forward to working with you.
We also would like to welcome back all the crew of Black Magic Racing: Ken Brown, Harold Norry, Scott Marvin, Ryan Marvin, Bobby Tolton, Julie Seifried, Caitie Fitzpatrick, Steve Gregoul, Clayton Celovsky, Davie Tolton and Michel Dourin.
Stay tuned to the website at for continuous updates throughout the off-season and race season. We are looking forward to an exceptional season.

18th at Autumn Colors Classic

The 20th Annual Autumn Colors Classic would not go the way the No. 35 Black Magic Racing team had planned as a lengthy pit stop due to overheating issues would result in an 18th place finish for Tim Tolton. Photos and video are available on the website.

Varney Motor Speedway On Board No. 3 for Peterborough

Varney Speedway Motorplex will be on board the No. 3 Black Magic Racing/RNR Monte Carlo for the next Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup race at Peterborough Speedway on August 11th and we will continue to raise money for Make a Wish in memory of Toryn Buckman. There will also be support from Jim Bowman, Re/Max Agent on board the No. 3, too.

Tim Tolton Scores Solid Fourth Place Effort at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park

We are pleased to report that Tim ran the No. 3 Black Magic Monte Carlo to a fourth place finish.
With the weather hot, the team had their work cut out for them. This is one of the only paved ovals Tim has not driven on, so they did not know what to expect from the car or the driver.
Tim went out in practice and was not happy with the car. He came back in and with a few helpful hints from Roger Mcglynn, Tim went out and did a great run and qualified seventh.
With the cars lined up and having been given a few pointers about the track from Amanda Conolley, the race was started with the first few laps of the race used to allow Tim to get comfortable in the car, still not being the car he felt it could be. It eventually came to him and he started to gain speed and confidence. He gained a couple of spots putting himself in fifth at 64 laps complete. When the race resumed Tim made a few quick moves to put himself in third although this didn't last and was passed, putting himself back in fourth
Tim was very happy finishing fourth, for the first time in the top five. A very Happy crew and driver congrats on a job well done
Thanks to Ken Brown, Steve Gregoul, Scott Marvin, Harold Norry, and Clayton Celovsky for your help on giving the Black Magic crew the best finish of their L.O.S.C. history.
A big thanks goes out to Bobby Tolton who stepped up to the drivers duties at Varney while Tim was in Mosport. Another job well done as he brought home two heat wins and a fifth place feature. Good job Bobby
The next race for the L.O.S.C series is August 11th at Peterborough Speedway

Please welcome new sponsor

Join Black Magic Racing in welcoming new sponsor - Time Stands Still Photography by Victoria. You can view her work at

Busy Weekend for Black Magic Racing

When Black Magic Racing takes to the track at Delaware Speedway on Friday June 15th in the #3 Monte Carlo for the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup race the car will be carrying a special message and a special little girl on the hood. Four year old Toryn Buckman had her life taken by the same hands that were expected to protect her from any harm. Toryn’s grandparents would like to start a fundraiser for make-a-wish in her memory and hope to be able to make a sick child smile just like their little angel used to. Members of Black Magic Racing will be assisting in this fundraiser by collecting donations at the race tracks.Donations can be made through Black Magic Racing or directly to make-a-wish in Maine.For more information visit
. On Saturday June 16th the Black Magic Racing Nissan 240SX will be competing at Varney Speedway Motorplex in the 4 cyl class and again the car will be carrying the message and the little angel and will be continuing the fundraiser
. Sunday June 17th the Nissan 240SX will travel to Sunset Speedway for the 2nd event of the MRE series, hopefully much more competitive than the previous visit to the track.
For more information or other scheduled events visit

Black Magic Racing To Help Raise Money in Toryn Buckman's memory

After hearing Toryn Buckman's story from her grandparents Lisa and Joe, Black Magic Racing knew that they had to do something to help in the Buckman's efforts.
Toryn died as a result of being abused by her parents. Her grandparents are looking to raise money for their local Make A Wish Foundation in Maine in Toryn's memory. They feel making a sick child's dream come true in their grandaughter's name would be a terrific way to remember her.
We ask that you please keep checking the Black Magic Racing website out at as we will send updates as this is put together. You can also read Toryn's full story as posted on the website.
To all of u that would like to make early enquire about the Make-A-Wish donations in Toryn Hayli Ann Buckmans name, here is the local Make-A-Wish Foundation number 1-(207)-236-3171.

Tim Tolton Took On Varney and Sunset This Past Week

By: Ashley McCubbin
On Saturday night, Tim Tolton made his second start in the Stock 4 car for the season at Varney Motor Speedway.
In the heats, he finished third in the first one while winning the second one.
In the feature, Tolton came home with a third place finish.
He currently sits second in the point standings, 12 points behind points leader Clark Hartman.
On Sunday afternoon, Tolton took part in the first round of the McColl Racing Enterprises Pro Series at Sunset Speedway. Tolton admitted that he'd have to do his homework before coming back to Sunset again as his car wasn't up to par with the Sunset and Peterborough drivers there. He finished 16th in the feature while finishing seventh in both of his heats.
Thanks to the following sponsors for supporting Black Magic Racing: Across From Roger, Black Magic Signs and Vinyl Graphics, Bolt-On Performance, Engines From Hal, Frank's Pioneer Transmission and Twin City Auto Parts.
Tolton's next planned event at Peterborough Speedway this Saturday, as according to the schedule posted on the team website at

Tim Tolton Suffers Mechanical Failure in Sportsman Series Season Opener

By: Donna Tolton and Ashley McCubbin

After mechanical problems in the season opener, rookie Tim Tolton would finish 14th in his Lucas Oil Sportsman Series debut at Varney Motor Speedway.
After a long winter and many long nights, the No. 3 Monte Carlo was ready to hit the track. They'd get some practice laps in Saturday night before the big on Sunday to get a feel for the car. As the sun came up on Sunday, the crew worked feverishly on final preperations to make sure they were ready.
In qualifying, the time to beat for the pole was 13.76 seconds. Tolton would be the third last car to go out and would lay down a lap of 13.86 seconds, landing him a third place qualifying effort.
During intermission, Tim Tolton was introduced to the crowd, along with the other top five qualifiers, to draw for his starting position.
"They gave five little fans a hat and the drivers would pick a child, whose hat they would sign," Donna explains the draw format. "Inside the hat was a number and that number would be where they would start. Tim picked the shy little girl in the back and he got the number he wanted."
The number Tolton picked would be one, therefore putting him on the pole for the feature.
When it was time, Tolton was ready to go as the blood was pumping with the smell of gas and the anticipation from the crowd.
On the drop of the green flag, he would pull out to the early lead and he would stay there as the lead got bigger as the laps would continue to tick away. Soon a caution would come out around lap 25 for an incident.
On the restart, Tolton would pull out into the lead, but it would not last as smoke became to pour out of the black No. 3 car. An oil leak had caused a fire under the hood and he had to pull off the track. Between his own crew, the McNicolr Racing, Wilson Motorsports and the crew from the No. 89 Rona LLM, they did everything to fix the oil leak and got Tolton back on track.
However, the problem only got worse as more smoke began to pour out. Tolton would park the car, feeling defeated and heartbroken as he got a DNF. He would be out of this one, but with help from Engines From Hal, he will be back as strong as ever.
Tolton would also compete in the Stock-4 class at Varney Motor Speedway over the weekend, where he would finish third in the feature on Saturday and fourth in the feature on Sunday.
Black Magic Racing would like to thank everyone for making this a dream come true. From every person who had a hand in getting the car ready for opening day, from the crew to the wives to the children, and mostly to the fans who made the day possible.
Thanks to the following sponsors for supporting Black Magic Racing: Across From Roger, Black Magic Signs and Vinyl Graphics, Bolt-On Performance, Engines From Hal, Frank's Pioneer Transmission and Twin City Auto Parts.
The next race for the Lucas Oil Sportsman Series is at Delaware Speedway on June 15th. Tolton will racing before then as he will race in the Stock-4 division at Varney Motor Speedway next Saturday, followed by round one of the McColl Pro Series at Sunset International Speedway on Sunday.


Tim Tolton Finishes Third & Fourth in Pair of Stock-4 Features at Varney

By: Donna Tolton and Ashley McCubbin
On Saturday night at Varney Motor Speedway, Tim Tolton would be racing his Nissan 240x, which had been neglected all winter due to preparations on the Lucas Oil Sportsman Series car. With no practice, Tolton went into the first race, unsure of what the car was going to do.
Tolton started near the back of the field and was in for the tough battle of trying to work his way through the field. While trying to pass Cory Young, he would slam the wall very hard, but was still able to pull off a fifth place finish.
"He was a happy camper," his wife Donna comments. "Racing had begun with the adrenalin flowing."
In the second heat, he would line up in the fourth position, ready to go for broke. He ran hard and passed Jessie Way and then held off Brian Wilson to finish in third place.
In the feature, Tolton would line up in the sixth position, ready for a long feature as the faster cars were starting in front of him. Tolton would lock into a fierce battle with Tessa Cremasco as they went back and forth for position, catching the eyes of many fans. Tolton had made his way up to the third position, before a last lap pass had him finish in fourth place.
On Sunday, it marked another day of Stock-4 racing at Varney Motor Speedway. However, today was a special day as Tolton would be out there racing against his son, Bobby Tolton. Bobby was making his 2012 Varney Motor Speedway debut after running Barrie Speedway so far this year.
"Not only was I proud to see him out there, but he was proud to be out there with his son racing him hard," Donna comments.
Due to the Lucas Oil Sportsman Series being at Varney, the Stock-4s would only be given one round of heats. Father and son would land in the same heat and they put on a show. Tim started ninth while Bobby started eighth. They raced hard side-by-side throughout the heat, but in the end to avoid a collision, Tim let off in the corner and Bobby slipped by him. The race ended with Bobby finishing fourth while Tim finished fifth.
In the feature, Tim would line up fifth, ready to run hard. An early caution would slow the cars and give them a chance to a cool a bit while Tim continued to run fifth with Bobby fourth. The father-son combo would not get to race each other throughout the whole race as Bobby would pull off the track due to a blown motor.
Tolton would work his way to the front, before a couple cars passing him late would cause him to finish in the fourth spot.
On Sunday, Tolton also ran the Lucas Oil Sportsman Series race where mechanical problems would result in him finishing 14th despite posting the third quickest time in qualifying.
Tolton's next stock-4 race is this weekend on Saturday at Varney Motor Speedway. He will then run the opening race for the McColl Pro Series at Sunset Speedway on Sunday.
Thanks to the following sponsors for supporting Black Magic Racing: Across From Roger, Black Magic Signs and Vinyl Graphics, Bolt-On Performance, Engines From Hal, Frank's Pioneer Transmission and Twin City Auto Parts.

Black Magic Racing Set For Lucas Oil Sportsman Series Season Opener

By: Tim Tolton
Black Magic Racing crew members have been working late every night preparing the Lucas Oil Sportman Cup car for it's debut at Varney Speedway Motorplex on Sunday May 20th. We are down to the last few small thing to finish it up.
We would like to thank Richard Childress Racing for allowing us to use the paint scheme and number that was made famous by our hero Dale Earnhardt.
The other cars are still in need of repairs and rather than take away from our effort on the sportsman car we have decided to pass on the season opening enduro on Friday May 18th, however the mini stock will be ready for competition on Saturday May 19th and Sunday May 20th.

Behind the Scenes - 5/16/2012

Behind the Scenes photos have been added to the Images section of the website so check them out as we're getting pretty close to the season beginning. Special thanks to Ken Brown for these photos.

Black Magic Racing Partners with Across From Roger

By: Tim Tolton
Black Magic Racing is pleased to announce they will be teaming up with local rock band Across From Roger. We have watched their live shows and enjoy their music as we work on the cars in the shop. We are looking forward to our new relationship with them and watching both the band and race team grow. Visit them at Further announcements to follow.
Everyone at Black Magic Racing has been working hard to prepare a Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup car owned by RnR for the first race of the season at Varney Speedway Motorplex on May 20th and are closing in on completion. We have tried to keep everyone up to date on our progress by posting pictures as we work on the car and know that many have enjoyed this, soon we will be able to post pictures of the car as it will look on race day.In addition to the first race of of the season we are proud to announce we have secured funding for a second event and are still working hard to find the help that will allow us to compete in the entire schedule.The date of this event will be announced soon and the series schedule can be found at
While work on other cars at Black Magic Racing has been put on hold while the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup car is being completed we still plan on having the mini stock ready to race at Varney Speedway Motorplex, Sunset Speedway,Delaware Speedway,Sauble Speedway,Flamboro Speedway and Peterborough Speedway starting with the season opener at Varney on May 19th.We also plan on preparing our enduro car to compete in the first race of the season at Varney Speedway Motorplex on May 18th.
About Black Magic Racing:
Black Magic Racing is home to Tim Tolton, who competes in the Ontario Sportsman Series and in the Mini Stock division at Varney Motor Speedway. For more information, visit

Behind the Scenes: Sportsman Rebuild - 5/7/2012

Behind the Scenes photos of the Sportsman car being rebuilt have been added to the Images section of the website so check them out to continue your backstage look.

Behind the Scenes: Sportsman Rebuild - 4/26/2012

Behind the Scenes photos of the Sportsman car being rebuilt have been added to the Images section of the website so check them out to continue your backstage look.

Behind the Scenes Pictures Added - 4/15/2012

More photos of Tim Tolton and crew working on the car have been added so check out the images section to continue your backstage look.

Behind the Scenes Pictures Added

As everybody awaits the season to start, we know that curiousity is at its highest to see what is going on. To help feed your curiousity, pictures of the Black Magic Racing team preparing the cars have been added to the images section so check it out. Consider it your backstage access for this season.


Tim Tolton and Black Magic Racing Launch New Website

On April 2, 2012, Black Magic Racing announced that they have officially launched their new website, The website will contain up-to-date information throughout the whole year about driver, Tim Tolton, as he races in a variety of divisions.
Click here to read more

2012 Schedule

The complete, tentative schedule for the 2012 race season is now posted on the schedule page. Events will depend on weather and sponsorship.


Bolt-on Performance

Please welcome Bolt-On Performance as a new sponsor for the 2012 race season.


Ontario Sportsmen Series

Black Magic Racing will begin the season with driver Tim Tolton competiting in the Ontario Sportsmen Series season opener at Varney Motor Speedway on May 20th.


Next Season

The 2012 season is set to begin before you know it. When the season begins, check back for postings as we will continue to update this with the latest results. Once the schedule has been released for 2012, it will also be posted so therefore you know where you can watch Tim Tolton and Black Magic Racing next.